We offer full access and transparency on our technical know how and the technical specifications of Presco products.

Here you can find detailed information about our products and systems as well as a selection of application notes and scientific documents.

It is our commitment to provide full transparency to our customers and partners.

Application notes

Applications for partial discharge measurement

general application for PD measurement

application for PD measurement on 3 phase transformers

general application for PD measurement with PD – MUX

calculation of cable fault location

Applications for capacitance and tan delta measurement

general application for measurement of groundet objects

calculation of alternative values from Cx and tan delta

app. to measure the capacitance of bushing tabs with FT-12

simulation of tan delta

Scientific documents

paper – Reference Divider

paper – Partial Discharge

paper – PD – Calibration

paper – PD – Background Noise

paper – Transformer Diagnostics

Manuals and datasheets

We are continuously improving our products. Therefore please ask for a quotation to get the latest specification.

Capacitance and tan delta measurement

TG – 1
TG – 3
TG – 4

TG-Solutions -> coms soon!

FT – 12

FT-Solutions -> coms soon!

Partial discharge measuring instruments

PD – 4
PD – 5

CT / PT testing instruments

Series – W – Standard version
Series – W – Metrology version
ED – 00CR
BR – I
BR – U


CK – Series
CL – Series
CG – Series

Reference divider

ID – 0500


PVM – 100

Current transformer

CT – N1K0
CT – N2K0
CT – N5K0